Sunday, February 19, 2006

Show Them the Money? 

Any AmCoppers interested in coordinating to target a few progressive candidates for donations? I’d definitely like to chip in. I do have a suspicion, though, that I could guilt myself into donating more money if I knew what others were doing. And our effect would be greater if we pooled resources – all on the honor system, of course.

Also, I’d like to hear who you think is worthy of donations. I’m inclined to avoid the sure-things to target “statement candidates.” Ned Lamont, who is taking on Lieberman, is almost certain to be on my list. Who else should I be looking at?

If you’re willing to pony up, how much are you willing to donate? How would you allocate that amount? If you’re not willing to pony up, why not?

Update: Here are the races we've identified:

1. Lamont v. Lieberman
2. Ciro v. Cuellar
3. Casey v. Santorum


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