Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Never Forget 

I visited Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg Gate yesterday. There´s a neat exhibit set up on the east side of the Gate which on side shows a panaoramic view of the Gate and the completely wrecked, rubbled-strewn Platz as it looked immediately at the end of the war. On the reverse side of the panorama is a synoptic history of the Platz from pre-WW2 to the present. Fascinating. A new French embassy was rebuilt in its original location on the north side of the Platz, and the new American embassy is being constructed on the southwest side. Entering the Gate from the west, the first commercial establishment one encounters in what was formerly East Berlin is a Starbucks on the northeast corner of the Platz.

So I was thinking of an idea for a new monument. Couldn´t the toppled statue of Saddam Hussein--perhaps modified with a humiliating lady´s wig or silly pantaloons or bloomers--be set up in the middle of the Platz, right next to the Brandenburg Gate, to show how, just as Hitler and German Fascism were defeated in 1945, Saddam and Islamo-fascism were defeated in 2003? Iraqi tourists as well as freedom-lovers from all over the world and those who would remember 9-11 could then come to Berlin to celebrate the historical continuity between the world´s great acts of liberation.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Das Schnell-Zug 

I´m in Berlin. Nothing much going on here, so instead we´ll have a Quote of the Day from Die Kleinische Hund:

I rallied around the flag after 911

and Giuseppe Abote´s response:

Some questions for chien:

1. Did you actually, literally rally around a physically existing American flag?

2. If so, on what date and in what place did this happen, and do you have photos?

3. When you say you "rallied around" the flag, can I take that to mean that you minced, skipped, and/or pranced in a circle about a pole or halyard of some kind?

4. Can you explain how your actions directly benefited American soldiers fighting in your place in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Sorry for all the questions. I just want to make sure I understand clearly how you, as a conservative, personally prepared for war.


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