Friday, March 17, 2006


OK, for those of you for whom the prospect of giving dime 1 to the DCCC, the DSCC, or any other branch of the defunct Democratic Party establishment apparatus makes you want to vomit, piss yourself, and slip into unconsciousness, and yet you feel like you want to do something, against all odds, to try and add a sandbag to the levee against the fascist advance on America...

Let me put it this way--there are only two candidates I can think of right now who I'd consider supporting with money. One is Ned Lamont, who's challenging Lieberfuck in the CT primary. But I'd just have a real hard time donating money to a multi-millionaire businessman, even if he is an awesome dude mounting a vitally important challenge to the U.S. Senate's most loathsome member (yes, I'm pretty sure Lieberman stole the SMLM title from Norm Coleman a while back; although there should probably be two separate categories, R and D MLMs, and if that were the case I think Arlen Specter might be firmly ensconced in the former spot).

The other is Bernie Sanders, congressman from VT, currently running for Senate. There are a few good reasons to support Bernie:

1.) He's like the most liberal member of congress.
2.) Nothing to do with the Democratic Establishment Suicide Machine (DESM)--at least none that I know of.
3.) Vermont's just an awesome state.
4.) You know how annoying it is to have all these cracker horsewhipping fascist fucks from states you wouldn't wipe your ass with--I'm talking about Mississippi, Utah, etc.--wielding all this power just because of the archaic and misconceived existence of an upper house of congress? Well, now it's our chance to send a guy from the smallest state in the union, right back in their faces.

DFA writes:

But it's not going to be easy. Bernie is up against the richest man in Vermont, someone with virtually unlimited wealth, who has already given his campaign over $2 million and is on pace to spend more money per voter than any other Senate candidate in history.

Bernie also faces the smear tactics of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," the infamous right-wing group. Their leader, John O'Neill, wrote in an e-mail that he is on "A mission to stop the most dangerous liberal in America from winning election to the U.S. Senate," Bernie Sanders.

Bernie has earned the admiration of DFA members across Vermont, but he needs your help to fight back against the Republican money machine. Please contribute to his campaign today:


So think about it.


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