Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shorter Charles Krauthammer 

It is ludicrous to believe that the indifference of Gentiles to anti-Semitism helped create the conditions for the Holocaust when everyone knows that it's always the Jews who are indifferent to anti-Semitism that create the conditions for Holocausts.

Shorter shorter Charles Krauthammer:

If there's one thing I hate more than an anti-Semite, it's a Jew.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

beautiful mind disturbed, again 


ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Former President George H.W. Bush took on Arab critics of his son Tuesday during a testy exchange at a leadership conference in the capital of this U.S. ally.


"We do not respect your son. We do not respect what he's doing all over the world," a woman in the audience bluntly told Bush after his speech.

Bush, 82, appeared stunned as others in the audience whooped and whistled in approval.


"This son is not going to back away," Bush said, his voice quivering. "He's not going to change his view because some poll says this or some poll says that, or some heartfelt comments from the lady who feels deeply in her heart about something. You can't be president of the United States and conduct yourself if you're going to cut and run. This is going to work out in Iraq. I understand the anxiety. It's not easy."

Pretty revealing pronoun usage: "this" son, not "my" son. Putting that aside for the moment...

Sr.'s contempt for democracy and the heartfelt views of others beneath his station aren't particularly surprising. That's par for the course with these guys; we've heard plenty of like comments from his henchmen and his brood.

What's still somewhat amazing to me is that when the contempt is returned in kind, Mr. Bush "appeared stunned" (if the AP reporter is to be believed). If true, it would indicate that he actually thinks the lesser orders are so slavish, so unequal, that they aren't even capable of basic mammalian emotional response. It surprises him that any antipathy can be mustered by these odd beings who've endured pain.

How strange and disorienting, even frightening, it must be to walk the earth surrounded by Morlocks. How distateful must be the unfortunately obligatory ritual of talking at them and having to endure their incomprehensible responses to auditory stimuli. How pitiable to be so utterly trapped in the wrong century, a walking anachronism. Truly the White Man's Burden is a great one.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


OJ's "If I Did It" was cancelled. It demonstrates the power of the people:

"The cancellation by the Fox network . . . is a victory for the people who spoke out. It demonstrates the power of the people, whose voices were heard all the way to Hollywood and New York," Pappas Telecasting, which owns four Fox-affiliated stations, said yesterday in a statement.

The people, being a long way from the two respective coasts, have to shout extraordinarily loudly to be heard there. But they were.

The American people deserve to spend the holidays savoring this victory.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Christ in Confederate Grey 

Rush out and purchase the December issue of Harper's, for Jeff Sharlet's latest: "Through a Glass Darkly: How the Christian Right Is Reimagining U.S. History."

It's not online yet so I can't excerpt it, but you can read Sharlet's latest other stuff at the fascinating website he edits, The Revealer.

Because I failed to read the Revealer last week, I missed Sharlet at the KGB Bar Radio Hour last Thursday,

with special guests 70s porn star Jamie Gillis, two Houdini biographers, me -- and surprise guest Steve Earle, one of my musical heroes and of special interest to Revealer readers for his 2002 song, "John Walker Blues." How did I earn a spot in such company? By not knowing that Ted Haggard was gay. But Steve Earle's brother, who works at the Colorado Springs airport, did.

and instead ended up at the KGB Bar Friday, where I saw a bad poetry reading.


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