Wednesday, June 14, 2006

heads on pikes 

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Diseased Wind Blowing Out of a Filthy, Rotten Little Hole; or, "Did I [sic] say [sic] those words [sic]?" 

BUSH: Yes, I'd say that if people say, "Well, there's got to be no violence in order for this to be a successful experience," then it's not going to happen. All that does is give the power of, you know, a handful of murderers to determine success.

Obviously, we'd like violence to go down, and that's what the operation in Baghdad is intending to do -- starting in the capital -- is to reduce violence.

BUSH: And the reason why it's important for violence to be reduced, obviously, is one, save lives; but, two, give confidence to the Iraqi people that their government will be able to sustain itself and govern itself and meet the needs of the people.

Now, this is a tough struggle. And the reason why is because the rules of warfare as -- you know, as we used to know them are out the window. I mean, there's no rules of warfare; it's just, if you can kill innocent life in order to shake somebody's will or create consternation in society, just go ahead and do it.

And so it's a tough task; no question about it. But I'm confident that this government will succeed in meeting that task.

And the reason why I said that we shouldn't have -- you know, use the level of -- you know, have a zero-violence, you know, expectation is because there are other measures to determine success, starting with political measures.

I mean, this is a government which is now a unity government, formed under a constitution that the people voted for.

BUSH: That's success.
This is important business. And it's not easy. It's a complex task to help a society go from tyranny to freedom.

The American people have got to understand, I believe we're going to succeed. That's why we're there.

And my message to the Iraqis is, "We're going to help you succeed."

My message to the enemy is, "Don't count on us leaving before we succeed."

My message to our troops is, "We support you 100 percent. Keep doing what you're doing."

And my message to the critics is is that, "We listen very carefully and adjust when needed to adjust."
BUSH: We got a record to run on.

There's an interesting debate in the Democrat Party about how quick to pull out of Iraq. Pulling out of Iraq before we accomplish the mission will make the world a more dangerous place. It's bad policy. I know it may sound good politically; it'll endanger our country to pull out of Iraq before we accomplish the mission.

See, Iraq is a part of the global war on terror. It's not the global war on terror, it's a theater in the global war on terror.

And if we fail in Iraq, it's going to embolden Al Qaida types. It'll weaken the resolve of moderate nations to stand up to these Islo...
Islamic fascists. It'll cause people to lose their nerve and not stay strong.

And so I look forward to taking the debate -- that's not quite right. Kind of, getting warmed up as a result of your question. The timing's not right for me to get out there yet.

But I think the Democrat economic policy of raising people's taxes isn't going to work either.
And so doubts about whether or not this government can -- has got the will to go forward was expelled. That's why I went.

In other words, sitting here in America wondering whether or not, you know, these people have got what it takes is -- you know, can create uncertainty. I've eliminated that uncertainty.

BUSH: Yes, I think -- tide turning, see, as I remember it -- I was raised in the desert -- but tides kind of -- it's easy to see a tide turn. Did I say those words?


BUSH: Yes, I probably ought to then reflect on those words and think that I sense something different happening in Iraq.
And the American people have got to know that I will take precautions when I travel somewhere. I'm not going to put our government at risk to, you know, achieve a very important trip.

And, therefore, we were -- a lot of people didn't know about it. Half my Cabinet didn't know about it. Does that mean I'm going to run them off? No. I just -- we want to make sure we're extra, extra, extra secret about this deal.

And the reason why is Iraq's dangerous. It's a dangerous place. And I think if there was, you know, ample notification that I was coming, it perhaps would have given somebody a chance to plan. And we just don't want to take that risk.

There's no question about Prime Minister Maliki's -- you know, when he walked in, I didn't fear. I was happy to see him and he was happy to see me.

And then of course there's his tasteful exchange with a man who, according to Randi Rhodes, is an LA Times reporter who is blind:

BUSH: Yes? You going to ask that question with shades on?


BUSH: I'm interested in the shade look, seriously.

QUESTION: All right. I'll keep it then.

BUSH: For the viewers, there's no sun.


QUESTION: I guess it depends on your perspective.


BUSH: OK. Touche.


OK, enough.


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