Monday, June 07, 2010

Bullshit and death 

Israel is and will forever be protected by its bullshit rhetoric by which Israelis are converted into "Jews" and critique of the state is converted into sacrilege against the enduring memory of the victims of the Holocaust. The latest victim is Helen Thomas, who appears to have "brought this upon herself" precisely because she idiotically bought into this rhetoric by insisting that the JEWS get out of Palestine as opposed to the Israelis. In doing so, she missed an important opportunity to draw a distinction that no one seems capable of making-- and this is the heart of the entire problem.

This rhetoric allows murder to turn to "controversy" and bellicose actions in international waters into misunderstandings that allow for Antisemitism to flourish. It makes possible unthinkable shit-supervolcanoes such as this. I can say no more about this fucking shit or I'm going to have a stroke.


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