Friday, October 13, 2006

Some Political Observations 

1. I'm calling Montana for Burns. I just watched C-Span's rebroadcast of the latest Burns-Tester debate, and I have to say, it follows a pattern I've seen several times over the past few years (q.v. Kentucky in 2004): a younger Democrat, intelligent, articulate and engaging, with an interesting and substantive personal background, a strong message and real ideas, vs. an elderly Republican, personally nasty, verbally flailing, throwing out blatant falsehoods, careless, ignorant, selfish, and completely disrespectful of his audience. The Republican wins. "Populism" has become that degraded in our country. The American people are just that scared and ingnorant, and narcissistically sold on the respectability of their fear and ignorance. It boggles the mind that anyone would loathe him or herself enough to vote for a Conrad Burns. But they do.

2. When the Washington Post's writers or editors decide on headlines such as

Warner Leaves Centrist Void

are they sniggering to themselves, fully aware of their willfull contribution to Keeping Everyone as Stupid as Possible (K.E.S.P.); or...or what?

3. Now I'm going to watch the rebroadcast of the Casey-Santorum debate. As John Aravosis notes (in a very entertaining post where he also observes that "The Republican National Committee looks like a Gay Disney Tea Dance") Rick Santorum's press secretary is openly gay. Do you think that "issue" will come up in the debate? Stay tuned to see how I call Pennsylvania.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Big 3 

Tomorrow is the three-year anniversary of AmCop, but since I'll be traveling all day...Happy 3rd, AmCoppers!


Awesome! We're winning! Look, it seems as though every Democratic consultant's dream has come true:

More of those polled, 42 percent, now say they trust Democrats to do a better job handling moral values than Republicans; 36 percent favored Republicans on the values question.

And as long as the phrase "handling moral values" can be printed in a news article in a major U.S. newspaper with, as it were, "a straight face," and be taken to mean or signify something, we're absolutely screwed.


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