Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sorry, but no 

Confident Democrats Lay Out Agenda

Democratic leaders, increasingly confident they will seize control of the House in November, are laying plans for...

Plans for what, now? Let's just stop right there. I'm sorry--sorry to piss on the parade--but the Democrats aren't going to seize anything (except, perhaps, "the bozack") in November. Nor are the Democrats going to regain control of the presidency, or the House, or the Senate, in the 2008 elections. Nor are the Democrats going to win back control of either chamber in the 2010 midterms, nor will they win the presidency or congress in 2012.

The Democratic Establishment Suicide Machine (DESM) has been complicit in legitimizing a fraudulent and unelected government for the past 5 years. They have been complicit--sometimes passively, sometimes actively helpful--in the most massive and deadly reconfiguration of an entire national "reality" since...well, who knows since when, I'm not a historian...maybe the wonderful patriotic days of the WWI Wilson presidency?

How can they even talk about winning back congress when the Republicans have rigged the voting system and demonstrated that they are willing to, at least in theory, launch actual terrorist attacks against the American people? How can they talk about regaining control of government when the DESM bows down in obeisance to the the National 9/11 Death Cult, and the most widely visible gesture of resistance to the N911DC has come from comedian Steven Colbert, who as far as I know was not only the first person to go on television and say that Bush's standing on a pile of rubble and muttering through a bullhorn did not constitute "leadership"--but said so TO THE BUSH'S FACE?

I will vote for--and if need be work for and contribute to--Al Gore for president. I will support candidates mounting primary challenges to members of the DESM. That's it. No Hillary, no Chuck Schumer, no Nancy Pelosi, no Harry Reid, no to whatever asshole represents my own congressional district, I think it's Major Owens, in any case, no no no no no.

In any case it will be determined that the Republican victories in November hinged on the "issues" of "national security" and "marriage."


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