Friday, April 10, 2009

The Wire, Season 4: A question 

I just finished Season 4, and I have a question for anyone who was watching it when it aired, back in the fall of 2006:

So, the character of Tommy Carcetti--who becomes Baltimore mayor in an upset election against the black incumbent mayor (race is a large part of the plotline)--is based on then-actual-Baltimore-mayor Martin O'Malley.  In Season 4--which must have been filmed in 2005--Mayor Carcetti is forced to go beg for school system bailout funds from the unnamed Republican governor, whom Carcetti is thinking of running against in 2006--this is presumably then-governor Robert Ehrlich.  So, am I to understand that in the season's penultimate episode, when Carcetti goes to see the governor in Annapolis, the security guard who speaks to Carcetti is actually played in a cameo role by Governor Ehrlich himself--who, just a few weeks before that episode would have aired on HBO, lost his re-election bid to Martin O'Malley?  

How crazy is that?  It's like life imitating art and shit.  Were people impressed by this at the time?

Which is better: AmCop, or Facebook? 

Here are some factors to consider:

--On Facebook, everyone--but everyone--sees what you post, pretty much whether they like to or not.

--On Facebook, people leave lots of very short, cheerful, affirmative comments.

--On Facebook, you can talk about just any old thing.

--On AmCop, there aren't lots of fun quizzes to take.

--On AmCop, you are never prompted to pick your five favorite things.

--If you came to AmCop hoping to find out when your friends' birthdays are, well, you're shit out of luck, son.


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